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“People need to live in nature… and this is a way they can.”

-Molly Ferguson


The Cottage Lot

Unique Design

Originally, the Fergusons planned to buy a prefabricated cottage, until they learned that a nearby farmer built log cabins. He cut 200 trees from the back property, but had to wait while Molly and Bob settled on a design. Attracted by a magazine photograph of one of his designs, they asked Toronto architect, William Grierson, to help capture the essence of Haliburton in a design for their cottage.

Flowers on the Roof

What Grierson designed was a curved, stacked cordwood cottage with a sod roof. The logs were cut into short, 9-inch lengths, stacked and set in lime mortar. The cottage nestles into the hillside, blending into the scenery like a moss-covered boulder. The rooftop of wild grasses and flowers slopes down towards the back, leaving little distinction between hill and house. The concrete floors are the perfect foundation for bare feet and sopping bathing suits. A wide curving hallway leads to five bedrooms lining the back wall of the cottage, and is brightened by two skylights, through which you can see lush grasses and nodding yellow heads of black-eyed Susans that grow in the sod roof above.

(Copy is exerpted from Cottage Life, May 2000, "Molly’s Vision," by Pat Maitland.)

Property Facts

The Lot:

The Cottage:

  • Curved, stacked cordwood cottage with living garden roof
  • 65’ of windows
  • 65’ x 15’ deck overlooking lake
  • Dining room, master bedroom and designer bath open onto deck
  • Five compact bedrooms containing ten beds
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